A good deal for dealers

Farming never goes out of fashion. Neither does the need for high quality, innovative agricultural machinery. At Herde Industrier, we are now ready to take on the world – and to do so, we need a network of dedicated, professional dealers. Are you one of them?

We have a more than 100-year proud history as a producer of high-quality farming equipment. Accumulated knowledge of and respect for the farmer’s everyday life and challengers is in the air we breathe.

Our product range is unique – agricultural machinery for manure and tillage, grass equipment and trailers (check out our web site to fully grasp the versatility), snow blowers, barn infrastructure, and more.

And yes, the name Herde is a guarantee for top quality. Our products are made to endure any climate for years to come – thoroughly tested constructions made of high-quality steel.



The world’s most important work

Feeding the planet. That’s what agriculture is all about. Our job is to provide farmers with equipment that help them perform their task in the best way possible.

Herde Industrier manufactures and exports an impressive range of first-class agricultural machinery – and now our mind is set on the global market. Our next step is to establish a network of prime quality dealers who share our pride in being the farmers’ number one choice.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Luckily, there are such things as snow blowers. At Herde, we produce six different models – and come with a three-year fabrication guarantee. Snow blowers for small tractors, for large tractors, and for carriers. Wear parts are rapidly replaced.


You reap what you sow

Or so the saying goes. Efficient seed drills are waiting to do the job. At Herde, we have seven different models – five direct seed drills and two drills for grass seed, all easy to maneuver.  Constructed and fabricated by dedicated, skilled people the reliability and performance are the best to be found. Whatever the farmer visiting your shop asks for, you will be able to help. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Rock solid work

At Herde, we live among rocks left by glaziers long ago, new stones popping up every year. And we have learned how to deal with them. Our stone pickers perform their duty in a way that will make your customers very satisfied. We also have a variety of stone rakers ­– fit for all types of terrain. Advanced adjustments and multi-functionality provide ultimate precision.

Check out our products on our web site, and you will find a multitude of reasons to get in touch with us.


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